LIOVITAL mirtillo

Functional Ingredient For 1 micro vial
Vaccinium myrtillus berry dry extract 228 mg
of which Anthocyanin 2,28 mg
Freeze-dried royal jelly 90 mg
Vitis vinifera seed dry extract 57 mg
of which Procyanidins 54,15 mg
Micronized pollen 50 mg


LIOVITAL mirtillo contains standardized and titrated extracts of Blueberry (fruits) and Red grapes (seeds) associates to micronized water-soluble pollen and to freeze-dried royal jelly. The Blueberry and the Red grapes are useful for the microcirculation efficiency, the pollen and the royal jelly are substances rich of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Recommended dose

1 or 2 micro vials per day based on the necessity.


8 micro vials

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